How do I replace a version of a PDF?

Discover how to update your PDF file while retaining the existing field mappings within the document.

To replace the PDF file of a mapped PDF, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the PDF Mapping homepage, and find the mapped PDF that you would like to replace the version of its PDF.
  2. Click on the Options (3 dots) button at the far right side of the mapped PDF's row, then click Clone.
  3. Name the cloned mapped PDF, and un-check Use the Same PDF.
  4. Either drag-and-drop a PDF file or browse your computer and select the PDF file.
  5. Once the previous two steps have been completed, click Clone.

The new PDF file's page count must be equal to or greater than the amount of the existing PDF file. If the new PDF file's page count is less than the existing PDF file, the cloned version will result in an error.

Here is a short video that provides a clear explanation of the process mentioned above: