How do I know the status of a customer's application?

Learn about the different statuses of a customer application and how it responds throughout the customer's application journey.

To know the status of a customer's application, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Customers homepage.
  2. From the Customers homepage, the second column is labeled Status.
  3. From there, you can locate the customer you are interested in and easily check their current application status.

The statuses of a customer include Draft, Sent, Viewed, In Progress, Completed, Submitted, Underwriting, Pending, Approved, Declined, and Live.

Some of these statuses are automated in the customer's life cycle:

  • Draft - This status is automatically set to a customer record upon creation. Typically, in the draft status, you would enter readily available customer information and prepare the record to send to the customer.
  • Sent - The agreement status automatically updates to sent when you request signature / submission from the customer.
  • Viewed - The agreement status automatically updates to viewed when the customer has opened the application link after being sent to them.
  • In Progress - This status gets automatically triggered once the customer begins completing the application.
  • Completed - Upon completing the application, the status will automatically update to completed.

Here is a short video that provides a clear explanation of the process mentioned above: