How do I change a field's style and formatting?

Discover how to customize the style and formatting of a field that will be displayed when a customer fills out an application and the fields are mapped to the PDF.

To change a field's style and formatting, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the PDF Mapping homepage, then select and open the mapped PDF that you would like to edit.
  2. Select a field that currently exists on the PDF to open the field's properties.
  3. In the field's properties, you can manage the field style, text style (if text or dropdown field type), and advanced options.
  4. Once you have sufficiently updated the field's style and formatting, click anywhere on the PDF to confirm the changes, then click Save.

Field Style

  • Fill Color, Border Color, Border Style, and Border Width

Text Style

  • Font, Font Size, Horizontal Alignment, and Vertical Alignment


  • Read Only and Multiline

Here is a short video that provides a clear explanation of the process mentioned above: