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Under KYB Integration

Learn about the Under KYB integration and how this tool can enhance your Under experience.


This integration allows you to quickly run know your customer (KYC) or know your business (KYB) checks in order to verify that the customer or business you are dealing with is legitimate.

With a KYB, we validate the business based on the business name, address, ownership type, and the business’ tax identification number.

How to Setup Integration

The KYC and KYB integrations are available out of the box with your Under account. The integration can easily be toggled on/off completely in the Integrations page.

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The KYB check can only be ran manually in the customer record page. This is different from the KYC check which is automatically ran after an application is submitted.

Both the KYC and KYB checks can be re-ran in the customer record page if needed after changes are made to customer information.

View/Run KYB in Under

In order to view detailed results from the KYB integration, click on the customer which you would like to view, the click View Details at the bottom right of the page.

From the customer record's top banner under KYB, you can view the success/failure result. 

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In order to run a KYB check, open the Integrations tab underneath the Customer Details. After doing so, you will see the available integrations for the selected customer. Click Under KYC/KYB, then click the Responses tab and select KYB.